Monday, July 18, 2011

AnjaKan ParadigMa

People's change...manusia akan berubah..berubah mengikut peredaran waktu..zaman...n perubahan yg ketara akan happened to those yg dapat Hidayah Allah...fortunately it happen to org yg ku kenali bt been not accepted by his friends( i mean the perubahan)...Sume ckp "ahhhhhhh...sudahlaaa...dia tu nk berubah konon...takkan nye laaaa..."n fortunately again n again thanx to Allah..dia berubah..alhmdulillah...shouldnt i mention what deeds he had done during his bad days..But for me whatever yg kte dah did time lepas2 kte patut lupekan..coz esok must be better than today...datz how our life cycled..
Unfortunately it does not happen to diz fortunate guy's friends..they remain unstable in so many terms and conditions...they still doin wrongs n sins...They remain the same...They dun wanna change their life bt however underestimating diz fortunate guy with nasty words and humiliation...In so many ways...aku tetap akan doakan mereka nih....So as to ma self...let us forgive and forget..tak ke mana pun wang ringgit and harta benda coz if kte mati kte will be deeply buried kt lam kubur yg gelap n aint got any hot stuffs and money inside to survive..Kasihan..So let us change to gain barakah from Allah..change from bad to good..From bad deeds to good deeds...Chill yaw!! O_0

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