Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm So LetHarGiC...

Aku Ase ariny Cam Demam..Lethargic Semacam jek bgn pagi tadik...Akunye performaNCe terhadap Workout Aku Sunggoh Bad...lau workout aku bleh berkata-kata mesti dia kate aku adelah pompuan yg paling truk kt Asia PAsifik nih...Very Sad to State kt cni yg aku nye rep of eacH Senaman sgt Sikit...nih sume diakibatkan oleh makan yg tak di observe dengan baik semalam...semlm de mkn kek a few slices..ade blasah sikit mee rebus....sgtla sedap...raase mcm couldnt resist my fav food aku just amik sgt sikit iaitu berjumlah dua sudu n also bubur lambuk....but Still aku tak lupe utK makan pisang, Oat n buah2 utk mengekalkaN jumlah fiber dalam badan, CoffEE without Sugar to boost akunye MEtaboLisME... n here are my Workoutnye routine n reps yg sunggoh tidak MEmberangsangkan..;
Warm Up
- 15mins

-30 rep in 1 minute

-80 rep in 2 minutes

-50 rep each side right n left in 1 minute

Lateral Lunges-rep each sides in 2 minutes
Resistence Band Workout for my StupiD FlaBBy arms;

Upper Stretch;
hold ur resistence band up to da sky n try to stretch it as far as u can...
im using the third stages of the gym in the poCket brand wic is blue in color n itz almost too hard to stretch..well anyway..i just can do the rep up to 120 rep in 2 minutes..n again 70 rep in one minute...wic is for me is not strong enough to burn my flabby part .. T_T
n rite after i did the right handside stretchin' where u hev to hold the band parallel to ur shoulder...huh...painful yaw!!i juz can remain holdin' n stretchin it up to 20 rep only for each side right n left... im so damn frustrated bout ma self as i just can doin jumpin jack 180 rep today compared to the previous day ; 300rep.
i've told not feelin very well bcoz of juz not really observin whut i ate yesterday... however 80 reps in a minute can be quite satisfyin ..hurh...

so applied to my burpees routine where i only can do till 20 reps in 2 minutes...
fortunately my chopping routine went in a normal reps where i did 40 reps for my right side in a minute and also another 40 reps for my left side...


  1. gosh! i dont understand almost every work out terms u used here. agagaga. poor me! :p

  2. ur body dude!!i'm tryin to toning it up...i'm dyin' to be a muscular gurl!!